Multi-Biometric Identification

Increase Certainty
Beyond Doubt

Gain confidence and certainty by combining the power of multiple biometric measures to accurately assess and validate individuals or threats.

Our comprehensive solution allows you to configure specific capture criteria with the flexibility to add new biometric modalities as your environment and need for additional data evolve. Increase the performance of your program or mission with sophisticated multi-biometric capture, processing, analysis, and storage.

Comprehensive Modalities

Our solutions support finger and palm prints; face geometry; iris and retina scan; gait; and voice.

Device Integration

Combine the power of the most sophisticated and advanced biometric technologies and capture devices.

Data Management

Process complex multi-biometric data with increased speed and accuracy to assess and respond in security environments and scenarios more effectively.

Find answers quickly and efficiently with advanced multi-biometric solutions that reference distinct sources of data to validate and authenticate identity with complete confidence.