Defense and Intelligence

Leave No Room for Error with Mission Security.

For your unique challenges, we design and build durable solutions that stand up to the rigors of our nation’s most important defense and intelligence missions. Our solutions allow operatives to enroll, identify, authenticate, and track potential adversaries and threats from central defense facilities to the farthest remote reaches. Delivering the most advanced and durable solutions to protect our military and intelligence personnel is our number one priority.

Law Enforcement

Every Second and Every Identity Counts.

Law enforcement requires biometric identity solutions that respond immediately and accurately. From the station to the field, we provide systems that streamline identification, validation, and authentication. Register biometrics in the field with rugged, easy-to-use handheld devices with access to criminal histories and other biographic information. Know who you are dealing with and advance with greater safety with accurate biometric identification.

Border Security

Validate Access.

Increase speed and data reliability for processing large populations at border crossings and international transportation centers. Infinite ID provides secure system integration, identification, and data automation to support border security by increasing traveler efficiency while tightening security measures to prevent illegal immigration, terrorism, or other criminal activities.

Emergency Management

Gain Control of Unexpected Events.

During natural disasters or domestic emergencies, it’s critical to identify and credential first responders, bystanders, and victims. With facial and other biometric modalities, you can ensure rapid and efficient operations by strengthening security and field management at and within the perimeter. Quickly enroll and register first responders, local residents, and victims for more efficient operations. Respond more effectively and save lives with emergency management biometric capabilities.

Civil Government

Increase Efficiency and Service.

Gain greater accuracy and effectiveness in civil enrollment, population and voter registration, building and facility security, contract compliance, and other activities that require verified identity. Our custom biometric solutions are built specifically to meet the complex needs and requirements of federal, state, and local government agencies. No matter the scale of your program, we can increase your capacity and impact in serving citizens and fulfilling your mission.

Biometric Compliance

Corporate Automation and Workflow.

Systematize and mobilize your company’s biometric compliance. For healthcare, financial, pharmaceutical, gaming, or other regulated industries, we provide the most sophisticated biometric identity and data management solutions to support accurate and efficient corporate compliance. We build custom enterprise solutions for organizations to meet large-scale and growing compliance requirements. Keep your operations moving quickly and efficiently with biometric compliance solutions built for your industry and workflow.