Mobile Biometric Solutions

Battle Tested and Designed.

Your mission and equipment must be ready to respond to the most extreme and complex environments.

Infinite ID delivers rugged and sophisticated mobile biometric systems that are lightweight, quick to deploy, and feature advanced biometric capture, verification, and data integration to increase security wherever you are. Our mobile solutions allow you to register and identify individuals or large groups in any location, context, or situation.

Rugged Form Factor

Custom-designed jump kits, biometric tablets, and handheld devices built to withstand extreme conditions with high-grade, impact-defying materials and rapid deployment features.

Remote Operation

Built to operate in distant environments with no connectivity or electricity, our compact mobile solutions feature greater storage capacity, longer battery life, and multi-biometric capability.

Custom Solutions

We design and manufacture custom mobile biometric solutions designed for your specific use cases and requirements.

In remote and challenging environments certainty and security matter. Our mobile biometric solutions combine state-of-the-art hardware and the most advanced software to bring the power of biometric identification and security to any location.