About Us

Mission Ready


Infinite ID brings deep national security, law enforcement, disaster response, and corporate expertise to solving next-generation identity and security challenges.

We design advanced software, data, and integration solutions for complex scenarios where biometric identification and authentication are critical to security. Our systems are always on and at the front lines increasing trust and certainty across diverse environments.

We are distinguished by our software that applies data management and security to globally connect biometric capture and identification programs through advanced, flexible, and future-proof platforms.

Dynamic Identity Solutions.

Our solutions are built to scale across programs, enterprises, and jurisdictions, with custom architecture, secure data capabilities, human-centered system design, and flexible implementation. We deploy biometric software systems that advance your strategy and meet complex requirements to not only secure your mission, but also allow you to evolve and respond to future needs.

Your Mission is
THE Mission.

We know the complexity and challenges organizations face. Our mission is to provide the most advanced biometric systems for you to build trust in your security, so the vital work you do is never undermined or exploited.