Custom Biometric Solutions

Built for Your
Unique Mission

Your organization is unlike any other. That’s why we create custom software and solutions designed for your unique needs and requirements. Our software, workflow, data management, and hardware solutions provide ease of use and reporting that is customizable to fit your needs.

Our software is designed to power your most complex needs with intuitive logic and interfaces that make it easy to use while providing the depth your organization needs. We build secure solutions that give you control by addressing immediate needs while being flexible and responsive to future uses. Whether you require multiple languages or multiple biometric measures, our software is designed for the most complex and unique scenarios.

Faster & More Accurate

Custom software and data solutions that increase your capacity and ability to capture and process multiple data points quickly. No matter where you are.

Scalable & Future Proof

Intuitively designed to support your program right now and as you move forward while reducing the need for maintenance and support.

Flexible Applications

From close up in controlled spaces to greater distances in remote environments, our solutions are customizable for every use case.

A structured and consultative process allows us to gain a deep understanding of your organizational contexts and requirements. We map your environment and bring advanced strategy and design to creating software and systems for your specific security and compliance needs.