Biometric Data Management

Custom Cloud Security Solutions

Data management and performance are key to effective biometric security. Infinite ID delivers secure, cloud-based biometric data management, transfer, and storage to protect the most important and Personally Identifiable Information.

Whether you need to identify threats quickly or verify and authenticate individuals or populations on an ongoing basis, your data must react and respond in real-time. Our custom solutions process large volumes of data and are configured to meet your specific applications and requirements.

Increased Data Performance

Gain efficiency and speed with a centralized biometric database that connects and synchronizes with locations and devices through a secure network infrastructure.

Dynamic Data Workflow

Access and analyze data anytime with customizable, configurable, and extensible workflows that provide advanced functionality and improved efficiency.

Secure Data Storage

We deploy state-of-the-art cloud-based servers configured for the highest level of data protection and privacy compliance.

We build industry-leading biometric security programs in the most advanced data environments for maximum safety, accuracy, and productivity.