Biometric Enrollment

Advanced and
Efficient Processing

Onboard, authenticate, and authorize individuals with unmatched accuracy at scale. Quickly and securely collect and analyze biometric data for organizational enrollment and identification.

Our platform provides identity capture, authentication, and verification for national security, government, or corporate programs. With custom software, workflow, and secure data storage and transfer, our enrollment solutions provide increased usability, capacity, and efficiency with the highest levels of safety and security.

Rapid & Comprehensive

Gain critical speed with more efficient processing and data collection for single or multi-biometric capture and analysis.

Multi-Device & Location

Synchronize programs with a flexible and secure framework that connects and centralizes data across onsite and mobile environments.

Private & Secure

Securely store and forward individual biometric data with advanced access controls to assess and authenticate identity while ensuring privacy.

Increase efficiency and security in vetting, onboarding, and performing background checks through biometric enrollment, analysis, and matching to ensure safety and operational continuity.